BTS Suga Last Live Before Joining Military: Jin and J-Hope

BTS Suga Last Live Before Joining Military: Jin and J-Hope , one of the adored members of the legendary boy band, made his final live appearance before starting his conscription into the military, which is scheduled to begin on September 22. The rapper and singer engaged with their online fan base on Wavers and left them with a heartbreaking farewell that moved them to tears. In a touching moment, bandmates J-Hope and Jin, who are also active military personnel, made unexpected comments in the comment section to express their support and love for their bandmate.

Suga’s Final Interaction with Fans Before Military Service

Suga, who is renowned for his approachable personality, casually showed up for this particular live session. He presented a different appearance while wearing a plain white t-shirt and a checkered shirt, a far cry from the recognizable long hair he once had. Hello, it’s nice to see you, he jokingly greeted his new appearance. My name is Suga. I made a small hair cut. He joked, “Your right, my hair is very short. Also, I find it difficult to adapt. The employees failed to recognize me.

In the days prior to this live interaction, Suga had maintained a relatively low profile. He said he enjoyed these special moments with his family and fellow BTS members as they passed before his military service.

BTS Suga's Emotional Farewell Last Live Before Military Service, Jin and J-Hope Send Love and Strength
BTS Suga Last Live Before Joining Military: Jin and J-Hope 3

Suga on Spending His Last Days with BTS Members

Then Taehyung’s album was released, and I didn’t want to draw attention away from that, Suga frankly admitted. And I was with the group, and before I knew it, a month had passed. Suga assured fans that he had enough content to keep the BTS ARMY entertained while he was away, even though he will be gone for a significant 18 months due to his military service. Suga, who is well-known for hosting the YouTube drinking game show Suchwita, continued, “I can’t do Suchwita anymore. But I did a lot of filming! Please be excited about it. It’s interesting to note that Kim Taehyung, better known as V, was both the final guest on the show and the final member of BTS to join him for a meaningful conversation.

Suga’s Desire for More Shows Before Enlistment

Suga just finished his August D Tour performances. During the live session, he spoke candidly about his hectic schedule, saying, “After the concert, I was only able to rest for about 2 weeks because of body pain. So, I was sleeping a lot. The remaining time I spent with my family. Although he acknowledged his responsibility as a responsible citizen, he also expressed his desire to hold more concerts for his fans. He claimed, “I wanted to do more tours, but I didn’t have the time to.” It’s a shame that I won’t be able to do anything in the next two years, he said, adding a hint of regret.Suga’s Sincere Goodbye

When Suga addressed his fans directly, the live session reached its most tear-inducing moment. I’d be lying if I said (I’d return) soon, he said. Let’s meet then in 2025. There’s no need to cry, he assured his fans with sincere warmth. We agreed to get together again in 2025, correct? Yes, we kept our promise. 2025. Let’s meet again in 2025. “Bye,” he concluded.

 Jin and J-Hope Send Their Love and Support

Not just Suga’s fans felt the emotional effects of his live performance. Jin and J-Hope, who are also members of BTS but are currently serving in the military, made unexpected appearances in the comments. J-Hope, a recent military leaver, expressed his opinions by writing, “Watching the live before I turn in my phone. You look good with the hair.” Jin added, “Hey J-Hope, I was wondering where did he go while I was texting.. he was here,” with his trademark humor. Jin’s remark caused J-Hope to cry, demonstrating the brotherhood and camaraderie that characterize the BTS family.

Suga’s farewell live session served as a moving reminder of the strong ties that bind the BTS members together and the unwavering support they receive from their devoted fanbase, the BTS ARMY, in the midst of these heartfelt exchanges. Fans can undoubtedly anticipate the day in 2025 when they will be reunited with their favorite artist and continue the journey together as Suga begins his military service. The BTS ARMY will support him until that time, just as Jin and J-Hope have done by sending their support and love across the miles.

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